Corporate Outline

We will be the true leaders in the future generation of digital government world.

Anyteksys, established in 1987, has grown into a global leader in e-government industry using its own office automation process technology and network technology to come up with various solutions suited for each and every government administrative duties.

E-government Automation System

We are leading the globalization of 21st century "Intelligent Management System"

We provide optimal quality automation management service through various solutions such as certificate issuing system, digital stamping system, automation network system for administrative affairs, electronic public resentment service, document endorsement system...etc

Certificate Issuing & security service

We open a new future where you can get your certificate issued whenever and wherever you wish

Certificate issuing & security system issues official various certificates through Internet to minimize complicated issuance procedures and to provide optimal convenience to those facing difficulties with certificate issuing. It will be possible to issue hundreds of different and various certificates, which will be secured using counterfeiting and tamper-proof measures.

ITS, using GPS and GIS

We provide reasonable and powerful management and monitoring solutions

We provide a real variety of solutions, including electronic mapping using paper maps, integrated traffic information system, 3D building mapping. Furthermore, we provide integrated energy management solution using digital map technology to collect information on data, population, electric power and hydropower.

By interlocking the location tracking technology with road traffic information collector, we are able to build an efficient ITS system.

Renewable Energy

Green revolution has now started

Global warming which affects our lives more and more realistically, high oil prices due to depletion of fossil fuels, ever-increasing electric bills!

In order to respond efficiently to these changes in internal and external environment, AnyTekSys has been building optimal solution through numerous years of research and development (R&D) of wind power.

S.I System

We provide interlocking construction consultation for each system, as well as various network and data-sharing services.

Data sharing between each governmental departments and agencies, data-sharing web service solution, data synchronization, application developments, data security solution, analogue data databasing solution.